Acer At The CES 2018: the updated Acer swift 7 ultra book Is Pretty Thin

ACER has released the thinnest laptop ever

acer, Known for their slick PCs creation came with a lot of upgrades of their previous pcs  to the year’s biggest technology conference, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas  CES 2018 Bot the device upgrade that really showed off their skill in tech  creativity this CES was the Acer Swift 7 UltraBook which they call the thinnest laptop ever.

so Acer came to the CES hoping to impress fans with their newly upgraded Acer Swift 7 UltraBook which they call the thinnest PC so far in the area of laptops starting at a  price tag of $1,699. So looking at the spec sheet we have a

  • seventh-generation Core i7 processor,
  • an 8GB of RAM and 256GB of PCIe SSD storage
  • a 14-inch screen display running at just a  1080p resolution.
  •  it has integrated 4G LTE connectivity .that means you can use a nano-sim or e-sim and you won’t have to tether it to your smartphone before you connect to the internet.
  • with a battery life of up to 10 hours (so they say)

so for those looking into getting the so-called thinnest pc ever, this is it.this device will be available in March 2018

keeping the spreadsheet aside a more important question is asked and that is, is this the best laptop for the price?

well to answer that question I don’t really think so and that is because at a lower price you can get something even more than the Acer Swift 7.that is if your willing to give up the thinness of this pc like the updated Dell XPS 13 which I will be review pretty soon.

Apart from the swift 7 acer also upgraded some of its previous laptops like the gaming pc the Nitro 5, which is getting upgraded to an AMD Radeon RX560 graphics card and AMD’s latest Ryzen mobile processors. RAM and SSD storage is configurable up to 32GB and 512GB, respectively, with a 15.6-inch 1080p panel for the computer.with a price of $799

Also featuring in the upgrade lineup of acer is the  Spin 3, which (unlike the Swift 7) is getting eighth-generation Intel Core processors. Acer has also shrunk down the display from a 15.6-inch panel to a 14-inch 1080p display for a smaller form factor. Acer hasn’t released a full spec sheet yet, but prices will start at $599 when the Spin 3 launches in February.



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