iPhone 7 Vs iPhone 8: save your money

iphone 8 vs iphone 7
The next iPhone we have all been waiting for has been announced and the wait is over. It turns out that the iPhone we have been seeing in leaks and was expecting the iPhone 8 to be is not the iPhone 8 but actually the iPhone x. They also released the iPhone 8

So what then is the actual iPhone 8? Well, it certainly looks a lot like an iPhone 7. Apple didn’t even try with the iPhone 8. It is basically a renamed iPhone 7 and I am pretty disappointed with it. Don’t get me started about the huge bezels!

But if you just bought the iPhone 7 within the last year and you’re still pretty happy with Apple’s last standard flagship, do you really need to make the yearly leap again? Here’s what we recommend so far, based on the specs and our iPhone 8 hands-on.

iPhone 7 Vs iPhone 8: What has Changed?


iPhone 7 Vs iPhone 8: let’s talk about the Design

The only thing you will be missing on the iPhone 7 when it comes to design is the Glass back Apple has incorporated in the iPhone 8. Though the glass back is certainly alluring and one of the reasons we loved the iPhone 4 and Apple has brought it back to the iPhone 8, it’s not a huge design feature to cry about.

For the most part, the overall iPhone 7 look hasn’t changed here. From the front it’s identical. From the sides, about the same.

iPhone 7 Vs iPhone 8: Specs

The specs that have received updates in the iPhone 8 are?


The Processor has been updated from the A10 fusion chip in the iPhone 7 to the A11 Bionic processor where you’re more likely to notice a difference is the iPhone 8’s day-to-day performance. Powered by Apple’s new  A11 Bionic chip. it does pack a punch with all the image processing for photos and face scanning power for face ID. but overall, its just an incremental improvement from the iPhone 7. both phones run ios 11 as smoothly as each other so it’s not a huge tradeoff


Apple also did update the iPhone 8’s camera. Though it still has a 12-megapixel rear shooter and optical image stabilization, it now features additional color filters, a new sensor and software tweaks that make it easier to adjust lighting effects. Slow-motion video capture at 1080p gets smoother as well, at 240 frames per second (doubled from last year). 4K recording has improved from 30fps to 60 fps on the iPhone 8. Except you are a cinematographer or something it’s not a big deal. If you are, you surely have a boss Camera anyway.

Wireless charging

qi wireless charging

Apple has taken advantage of the iPhone 8 glass back to install the  Qi wireless charging on the 8. Though it’s a nice feature to have, the edge it gives over the iPhone 7 s not that great. The iPhone 7 supports fast charging so no big deal.

Augmented reality

ARKit, first announced back at Apple’s WWDC, is the company’s big bet on bringing AR to mainstream consumers by baking it directly into the iPhone and iOS. it was demonstrated on the iPhone 8 with the  AR strategy game The Machines, which is powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. this feature started with the iPhone 7 and is more than capable of a very good AR experience. This game and other AR apps like Spyglass, bowmaster can also be installed from the app store on the iPhone 7 for the same experience.


phone 7 vs iphone 8

Why you should not upgrade

Apart from the fact that the iPhone 8 is the iPhone 7 with a new processor, the prices are quite different. Apple has slashed the prices for the iPhone 7 and 7 plus. if you don’t have an iPhone and you want to go for one, go for the iPhone 7 plus. If you already own the iPhone 7 or 7 plus, upgrading will basically be buying the same phone twice at a higher price

iphone 8 vs iphone 7 price

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