Meizu Pro 7 Review

Over the years, the technology manufacturers put in smartphones have been greatly evolving. from fingerprint scanners to iris scanners but no company has yet to do what Meizu has done here with the Meizu pro 7 and pro 7 plus by adding a unique rear display or a secondary display at the back. This is the Meizu Pro 7 Review.

Meizu pro 7 and pro 7 plus design

meizu pro 7 review

Let’s begin with the design of this device. The phone is comfortable to grip and it has a metal matte finish which feels sturdy and premium. The corners of the device are a little bit sharp when holding and this makes the device uncomfortable to use with just one hand. The phones weigh 170g and is 7.3mm thick so it is a thin and premium device with a premium feel in the hand. it has a head phone jack, located at the bottom of the device with the speaker grill which does sound loud due to a high-end audio processing chip which the phone carries.

The Meizu pro 7 and pro 7 plus Display

The device has a super AMOLED 5.7 inch QHd panel for the plus model and a 5.2 inch for the standard model. it is bright enough to be viewed out doors and the viewing angles are also great. The display is great as colors really pop and blacks are really black.

The rear display

meizu pro 7 review

The rear display of the Meizu phones isn’t just there for show. it is quite useful as it can be used for taking selfies with the rear camera by pressing down on the volume down key. It can tell you the time, the date, the weather, even the number of steps you take in a given day and because the panel is a touchscreen, it can be used to even control music and some light functionalities. it is great with first party software which comes in the device but it isn’t that great with third party software such as Spotify. it is a 1.9 inch with  240 x 536 pixels which translates into a rather sharp looking display.


Processing power of the Meizu pro 7 and 7 plus

it should be noted that this is the first device to ship with the Helio x30 chip.Starting with the Meizu Pro 7 plus, you get  6GB RAM, 64 or 128GB storage, a 3,500 mAh battery, and MediaTek’s latest chipset, the Helio X30. Turning to the mid-range Meizu Pro 7, you get a 5.2-inch Full HD display, a MediaTek P25, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, and a 3,000 mAh battery. To confuse matters more, there’s also a ‘higher end’ Pro 7, which has the same display but opts for the faster Helio X30 and 128GB storage. Regardless of which model you end up with, the entire series features Meizu mCharge 4.0 fast charging and the latest version of Flyme, version 6  based on Android Nougat.

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meizu pro 7 review

The device comes with dual rear  16mega pixel cameras which are capable of capturing colorful detailed shots in the blink of an eye. The photos are sharp, brights and just stunning. even when the photos are zoomed in, detail is not lost and the light blend mode of the cameras are fantastic. One thing I did notice was that the photo refocusing in the camera software didn’t really work. it just ended up blurring both the background and the foreground of the photos. The front camera is a 16mp camera which also captures a lot of detail and it should be noted that the cameras are able to capture 4k footage during filming.

Final thoughts.

The Meizu pro 7 and pro 7 plus is a great phone which packs in high-end specifications for a 2017 flagship and the price isn’t that terrifying. The secondary rear display is promising as it packs several functionalities, battery life is good and the audio quality is stellar. Both the Meizu Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus go on sale August 5th, starting at $430 and $530 respectively. it will only be available in about 17 markets, at least in an official capacity and the US isn’t one of them, though you will likely find it up for import in the not too distant future.This is the Meizu Pro 7 Review and your comments on this review are welcomed so leave them down below.

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