The OnePlus 5T Is Here. The Best Budget Smartphone with Great New Features

OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T is finally here and this is everything you need to know and all the confirmed leaks and all the new features to get you excited.

The Display

OnePlus has finally joined the big leagues in the bezel-less trend of 2017. The display of the -OnePlus 5T is bezel-less or OnePlus calls it “fully immersive” with 18:9 ratio and an AMOLED display. OnePlus says the 5T screen is 12 percent larger than the OnePlus 5 but with the same body size and form factor of the OnePlus 5.

The AMOLED display adapts automatically to ambient light and surrounding light. For example, when gaming, the contrast of the display is increased and calibrated. Users can now calibrate their screens to fit their every need.

OnePlus moved the fingerprint scanner to the back to make way for the fully immersive display which I think is a very good call. It also has ‘double tap to wake’.


Oneplus announced a new feature called Face Unlock which unlocks with facial recognition technology, it unlocks fast with unlock times of 0.4 seconds. Oneplus says it is incredibly reliable and can detect your face with any expression you put on as long as it can see your eyes and nose. For security reasons, it won’t work with apps that require sensitive information like payment apps. For those, you would just have to use the fingerprint sensor

The OnePlus 5T: Design

The OnePlus 5 packs an all aluminium seamless chassis. They aced the design of the OnePlus 5T making it ergonomic and flexible. they brought back the horizon line, a continuous hard edge that emphasises strength and comfort. It is official that the OnePlus 5T is keeping the headphone jack as it was announced some moments ago depending on the time you are reading this. They say that USB C accessories are still too limited and that the headphone jack will always be part of OnePlus.

The OnePlus 5T: The Camera

“We are proud to have one of the best dual camera setups,” says OnePlus. They also said that they improved 3 aspects of the OnePlus 5T cameras

1) Performance in low light of the 2nd sensor has been improved. The f 1.7 with aperture allows the camera to capture low light photos brighter. The new feature called Intelligent Pixel in 2nd lens helps the camera take better photos. For instance, when ambient light drops, the 5T switches to the secondary lens which will combine 4 pixels into 1  to capture more light and improve clarity. Oneplus will remain with the 16 MP and 20 MP lenses.

2) Portrait Mode. Portrait mode on the OnePlus 5T has been upgraded.  Both lenses now have the same focal length which will allow for more detail when taking portraits.  They have improved the 5T’s camera software. In most dual camera shots, photos are cropped to compensate for the difference in focal length of the cameras so the images appear closer than they were when taken but because the OnePlus 5T cameras have the same length, no cropping is required. Photos are taken and processed in less than the time taken to blink.

3) They refined the Electonic Image Stabilisation. High-resolution shots are very stable. Their EIS 4K featured was described as “stunning ” by Android Police

OnePlus 5T

Performance of The OnePlus 5T

The Performance of the Oneplus 5T has been increased

  1. The hardware of the 5T has the best specs of 2017. says OnePlus. They used the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip with Oxygen OS optimized for software to load apps and games faster. The 5T stands at an 8 GB of memory and a 6GB memory and can run all your apps and games at the same time with no lag. launching speeds have been optimized thanks to the Oxygen OS improvements.
  2. The OnePlus 5T automatically learns how to improve your experience overtime with a neat new feature called  App Priority which improves the launch speeds of your favourite apps by stopping apps you rarely use from using memory to ensure that the device stays snappy always.
  3. Dash charge still remains in the OnePlus 5T giving you a day of power in 30 minutes of charge

These are all the confirmed features of the OnePlus 5T  and stay tuned for the exclusive OnePlus 5T wallpapers which you can download here on Krest Developers. If you liked this article like and comment and share below.