Unlock Any MacBook Without The Password

Recently, a new exploit surfaced. its an exploit on Apple’s most recent Mac Operating system, MacOS High Sierra. The exploit is too simple it makes it more of a problem on every single Apple computer running the latest software.

You can get into anybody’s laptop without the password. It’s incredibly simple. On Tuesday 25th November 2017, security researchers disclosed a bug that allows anyone a stupidly easy method of breaking the MacOS High Sierra operating system’s security protections. To access any machine, High Sierra prompts and asks for a username and password before logging into a machine with multiple users. if you pick a guest user account which should have no authority whatsoever and log in, go up to preferences – users and groups – hit the lock icon and use the username “root” with no password, it unlocks. This gives you full authority to even reset the administrator account password and gives you full access to all files.

Thankfully, Apple was swift and has already issued a fix for this problem, which is part of a new security update for Macs that is now available to download and install. This patch will be automatically pushed to and installed unto devices running macOS High Sierra later today.

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