The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Has a Big Problem No one is Talking about!

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

The xiaomi mi mix 2 after being launched today is already gaining traction across the internet and the 5.99″ almost bezel-less screen is what everyone is talking about. The device comes in two editions. The base model rocking 6GB of RAM, backed with ceramic and lined with aluminum along the sides and a special edition model rocking 8 GB of RAM and the Ceramic uni-body body wraps around the device and Xiaomi claims that the special edition is the  device to feature a full ceramic wrap around body

What is No one Talking About? You might ask

One thing about ceramic as building material for phones is that although it does make the device to have a solid feel and resistant to scratches, it is very brittle. And what this means is that the Xiaomi mi mix 2 can’t withstand drops especially when it is dropped from a distance on hard surfaces. The phone might easily break up and although a case is provided when you purchase this device, a case will actually prevent the beauty of the device from eluding out.

Other Non-included Features Of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

The Xiaomi Mi mix 2 also lacks some key essential features which are missing from the smartphone. which if were available, will put the mi mix 2 among the premium flagship devices of 2017.

  • Lack of a headphone jack

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 doesn’t come with a headphone jack this time around. Last years model had a headphone jack and you might say it was because it was slightly bigger than this years model but  i think that they might have found a way to include it if it wasn,t a standard for phones not to have headphone jacks in 2017

  • Lack of wireless Charging

This phone lacks wireless charging and I think this is a great feature that should have been included in this device. The back is ceramic and this was an opportunity for Xiaomi to include this feature.

  • Lack of water resistance

Water resistance in smartphones have become a standard in 2017 and for a device that has been so hyped this 2017 as a bezel-less monster, the lack of water resistance is another bummer. Who doesn’t like using their brittle ceramic phones in the shower or under the rain? duh

  • No dual cameras

Now if this device had a dual camera, it might even stand a chance to compete against the latest flagships of 2017 but its certain xiaomi decided not to even enrol on the race of premuim flagships with the Mi Mix 2. There is no way it can stand a chance against the LG V30, The Samsung galaxy S8 or the Upcoming iPhone 8.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 | krest developers

Am a little disappointed with the Mi mix 2. It literally has almost nothing extra to offer except the bezel-less screen glory and I think its rather lacking a lot of  key features which determind whether a device is a premium device or not. Other than that, the excelsxcells when it comes to performance having 2 varients with a 6GB or 8Gb of RAM, Snapdragon 835 and lots of storage. Its also a dual sim device and it does support multiple LTE network bands (43) and if you want to be fancy, it has a 18K PVD rose gold-coated camera rim and a snappy finger print sensor. Let us hear your own views on the Xiaomi Mi mix 2 down in the comment section below.

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